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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Welcome to Laboratory Services

Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital Laboratory focuses on best quality patient care services. Accurate & timely reporting plays an important role in supporting medical decisions for the best patient care.

The clinical laboratory is equipped with latest state of the art technology Total Laboratory Automation System which enables Reduced Human Handling Error & provides reliable accurate test results within the fastest time period

A standard Laboratory Information System (LIS) is present and it is a powerful tool to manage complex processes, ensure the timely result and regulatory compliance. LIS is capable of consolidating complex technical processes into a single, compliant platform with comprehensive reporting, surveillance and networking capabilities. The system reduces the pre- & post-analytical mistakes and thus saves man hour. LIS enhances data management and data sharing within the laboratory, across the laboratories and beyond the lab stakeholders in particular.

KYAMCH lab can boast many firsts to its credit – to name a few:

  • First to introduce for patient registration with name and 3 unique no for patient identification
  • First to introduce total laboratory automation System.
  • First to introduce Immunohistochemistry
  • First automated analyzer for culture & sensitivity testing

Quick turnaround time (TAT) Customers’ satisfaction largely depends on the quick result. KYAMCH lab is strictly committed to fulfilling their TAT commitment as per following priority:

  • STAT: result within 1 hrs from the time of sample reception at lab.
  • URGENT: result within 2 hrs
  • ROUTINE: result within 4 hrs( except schedule tests )
  • Special arrangement for information of critical reports (such as blood/CSF culture etc) to the clinicians.

The quality result is the utmost target/priority :

  • Regularly perform and analyze Internal QC as per requirement of ISO 15189 standard
  • Participate external Quality Assurance ( QA ) program ( a monthly program with Randox International Quality Assurance Scheme ), USA
  • Regularly calibrate all auto analyzers, reagents and accessories like centrifuges, Micropipettes.
  • High Quality Reagents are used & stored maintaining standard temperature strictly

Accuracy and precision of laboratory test results depend on stringent quality control measures. Laboratory results are being generated by automated analyzers and there is a notion that automated analyzers are expected to produce reliable results. In fact, this is not an appropriate notion. In laboratory testing process, there are numerous steps, numerous human involvements, many analytical requirements, reagents etc., and it is inappropriate to rely on this kind of notion. The possible errors or mistakes that can take place in the process of laboratory analysis of biological specimen are pre- & post- analytical avoidable mistakes contributing to >80% errors resulting in non-conformity, non-compliance, unexpected or bad test results. So, quality control is a process where there is a need of compliance by the users, phlebotomists, receptionist and laboratory staff.

The pathology laboratory of Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital performs two QC programs.

  • Internal Quality Control (IQC)
  • External Quality Assessment (EQA)

Internal Quality Control

IQC is a set of procedures undertaken by laboratory staff for the continuous monitoring of operations and the results of measurements in order to decide whether results are reliable enough to be released and it is vital to achieve the analytical quality. IQC materials are run once a day and the test results are validated based upon acceptable QC range assigned by the laboratory or manufacturer.

External Quality Assessment

  • The term EQA is used to describe a method that allows comparison of a laboratory’s testing to a source outside the laboratory. This comparison can be made to the performance of a peer group of laboratories or a reference laboratory.
  • EQA helps to assure customers such as physicians, patients and health authorities that the laboratory can produce reliable results. Individual laboratories can use EQA to identify problems in laboratory practices, allowing for appropriate corrective actions. EQA participation helps to evaluate reliability of methods, materials, equipment & also to evaluate and monitor training impact. It is mandatory for an accredited laboratory to participate in one of the well defined EQA programs.
  • Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme (RIQAS) is a program for External Quality Assessment (EQA) organized by Randox. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital signed an agreement with the local representative of Randox on clinical chemistry, hematology and Clinical Pathology. More than 3,500 laboratories around the globe are affiliated with the Randox program. After receiving the EQA results, a discussion is held between the director of the pathology laboratory and the Lab manager to review the performance. The problem areas are identified and corrective actions are initiated and recorded.

Policy on Outside Collected Samples for Laboratory Testing

The following policy will be followed on samples collected from outside patients for pathology laboratory tests:

  • We will accept any sample collected by our phlebotomists on doctor’s advice/prescription.
  • We will accept any sample sent to our hospital from outside hospitals/clinics in correct sample tubes and with proper advice/prescription of a doctor or with proper laboratory requisition.
  • We will reject all samples collected outside in wrong tubes or any other sample that falls within the sample rejection criteria of the laboratory.
  • We will not accept any sample collected outside for testing for ‘Drugs of Abuse’ e.g. amphetamine, methamphatamine, benzodiazepines, cannabinoids, opiates etc.
  • We will not accept any sample coming to us without proper requisition or doctor’s advice/prescription.

Clinical Chemistry & Immunology

Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital “Total Laboratory Automation system” in clinical chemistry & immunology lab. The system is integrated with robust IT solutions with Laboratory Information System (LIS).

Available special services

  • Screening test packages of Electrolyte, Metabolites, lipid profile, blood sugar, enzymes and hormones
  • Cancer Marker (CEA, CA15.3, CA-125, CA19.9, PSA, AFP, Free Beta HCG
  • Autoimmune (ANA, Anti-CCP, Anti-ds-DNA, Anti-Cadiolipin IgG, Anti-Cadiolipin IgM)
  • Infectious Disease (HbsAg, Anti-Hbs, Anti-Hbe,)H.Pylori
  • Cardiac Marker (Troponin I, NT-pro-BNP)
  • DOPE test
  • Dengue NS1 antigen
  • PTH
  • Insulin, C-Peptide
  • Vitamin-D, vitaminB12, Folic Acid
  • Iron Profile (Iron, UIBC, TIBC, Ferritin)
  • Cortisol
  • PCT
  • IL-6
  • Anti- Mullarian Hormone (AMH)
  • Protein electrophoresis
  • PCR (protein creatinine Ratio), ACR (Albumin creatinine Ratio
  • CCR (Creatinine Clearance Rate)
  • S.Creatinine with eGFR (MDRD equation)

Equipments & Autoanalysers

  • Beckman Coulter Automated Chemistry Analyzer(AU480&AU400)
  • Beckman Coulter Automated Immunoassay Analyzer(Access2)
  • Maglumi 2000 Plus Automated Immunoassay Analyzer
  • Cobas 411 Automated Immunoassay Analyzer
  • HbA1c analyzer, ADAMS, Arkray

Staff professionals

The laboratory staffs are highly skilled team of medical professionals, scientists, technologists and supportive staff.

Hematology & Coagulation

It provides comprehensive services for Routine tests & special test Bone marrow & Hb- electrophoresis. The laboratory utilizes state of art facilities for the diagnosis of hematological malignancies like Leukemia, Lymphomas and Multiple Myeloma

Available special services

  • Bone marrow aspiration and analysis
  • Hb-Electrophoresis: To detect thalassemia & other hemoglobin disorders
  • Circulating Eosinophilils, Reticulocite

Coagulation section: The following coagulation parameters are only available in Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital Laboratory –

PT (Prothrombin time With INR), APTT, Fibrinogen, D-dimer.

Equipments & Autoanalysers

  • Automated Cell counter Sysmex- XN- 1000 & XN-550
  • Automated Coagulation Analyzer Sysmex-CA-660
  • Vision-PRO ESR Analyzer
  • CUBE 30 Touch ESR Analyzer
  • Capilary2 Hb-Electrophoresis Analyzer,Sebia

Staff professionals   

The laboratory staffs are highly skilled team of medical professionals, scientists, technologists and supportive staff

Clinical Pathology

Fully Automated Urinalyser is used for urine Routine examination (Chemical & microscopic) & verified by qualified Pathologists

·Dysmophic RBCs are detected by special phase-contrast microscopy

  • Joint fluid uric acid crystals are detected by using polarization microscopy.
  • CSF & Body fluid analysis done by pathologists.
  • Special arrangement for information of critical reports value (such CSF / body fluid cytology) to the clinicians

Equipments & Autoanalysers

List of Primary Machines:

Automated urine-analyzer –LabUMat & UriSed 3 PRO

Histopathology/ Cytopathology/ Immunohistochemistry

Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital plays an important role in Cancer Diagnosis as a one-stop centre in Bangladesh.  Also has the facility to provide Tumor Board for critical cancer cases.

The laboratory also provides Immunohistochemical test for Accurate Cancer Typing

The laboratory has launched a PAP test for uterine (cervical) cancer screening of women.

Every Cancer Report are verified by at least two qualified Pathologists & detailed documentation is maintained according to the College of American Pathologists (CAP) protocol for the better cancer management

Histopathology :

  • We provide Histopathological reports of all kind of surgical specimen (range from small biopsies to bigger organ resections) which will indicate a treatment regime to the responsible clinician. We differentiate between malignancy and non-malignancy and characterize the malignant tumors to allow the most appropriate therapy to be selected.
  • We also deliver a range of additional tests (including special stains) that not only help in identifying a diagnosis, but also provide important information on the best treatment options for individual patients.
  • We provide routine Histopathological diagnoses using both standard techniques and advanced diagnostics including Immunohistochemistry.
  • We also do core biopsy from any lesion (breast, lymph node, liver, pulmonary, kidney, solid ovarian tumour, intra-abdominal lump, retroperitonium and extremities), Bronchoscopic biopsy, Endoscopic biopsy and wedge biopsy.
  • We also do trephine biopsy from bone.

Cytopathology: Available in all the working days.

  • Gynaecological (Cervical cytology screening):

We provide cytopathological reports of cervical/paps smear, which help guide clinicians

on what treatment to give patients. We aim to pick up the early stages of

cancer the cervical screening programme and refer these to colposcopy for

further examination.

 Non-gynaecological (Diagnostic cytopathology) :

  • This includes fine needle aspirates (FNAs) from any palpable lump e.g.

lumps in the breast, extrimities, neck etc.

  • We also offer diagnostic cytology on effusions, fluids, and

washings/brushings from respiratory and digestive tracts, and urine.

  • We also do guided-FNc ( USG guided and CT guided) (From the iung,liver, pancrease, oyary, pelvic mass, retroperitoneal mass, ovary and testis)
  • We differentiate between malignancy and non-malignancy in all our

diagno stic cyto 1o gy (non- gynae colo gical) specimens’

Immunohistochemistry :

  • Breast cancer biomarkers package (ER, PR, HER-2/Neu)’
  • Lymphoma profile (including Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma).
  • Multiple myeloma.
  • Soft tissue sarooma.
  • Mqlignant melanoma.
  • Gastrointestinal stromal tumor.
  • Neural tumor.

Equipments & Autoanalyzers :

The slides of excellent quality are comparable with the best institution abroad

  • Leica HistoCore BIOCUT Microtome ( tissue sectioning)

Staff professionals   

A team of qualified and experienced pathologists & technologists ensures that quality of reporting.

Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory

COVID-19 RT PCR:  Available for OPD & IPD patients in all the working days. 

High technology automated sample extraction facility & processing are done to ensure accurate & timely reporting

Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital Lab is highly equipped with PCR;

Available special services

  • Covid-19 RT PCR test
  • Covid-19 antigen test

Equipments & Autoanalysers :

  • LightCycler96, Roche

Staff professionals   

The laboratory staffs are highly skilled team of medical professionals, scientists, technologists and supportive staff


KYAMCH offers a full range of microbiological services including covid-19 RT-PCR, Rapid antigen testing, and Operation Theater mandated environmental testing. With years of experience working with clinicians, product developers, and more, our microbiologists have the professional expertise to help ensure the safe utilization of microbiological services.

Diagnostic microbiology has been developing to rapidly detect and accurately identify implicated microorganisms in test specimens through a variety of techniques. Technologic changes have made constant and enormous progress in the various areas including bacteriology, mycology, mycobacteriology, parasitology, and virology during the past two decades in the field of diagnostic microbiology.

KYAMCH Microbiology Lab

Microbiology section of KYAMCH lab is equipped with automated analyzer for microbial identification & sensitivity; minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) can be determined in selected cases.

The section brings much benefit to the doctors and the patients providing an early report when positive alarms even after 24 hours of sample incubation.

Special arrangements for information of critical reports (such as blood/ CSF culture etc) to the clinicians are also provided with. Strict safety environment is maintained while doing the test procedure.

List of Laboratory Tests – Microbiology

  • Several staining procedures
  • Aspirate culture & antimicrobial sensitivity
  • Aspirate for AFB staining
  • Blood culture & sensitivity
  • CSF- culture & sensitivity
  • Ear swab culture & sensitivity
  • Endocervical swab
  • Eye swab culture & sensitivity
  • Nasal swab
  • Semen culture & sensitivity
  • Skin, hair, nail scrapping
  • Sputum for acid fast bacilli
  • Sputum culture & sensitivity
  • Stool culture & sensitivity
  • Stool routine examination
  • Throat swab culture & sensitivity
  • Urethral swab culture & sensitivity
  • Urethral swab R/E
  • Urine AFB
  • Urine culture & Sensitivity
  • Acid fast bacilli detection
  • Wound swab
  • Mantoux test


  • Aerobic Plate Count (Standard Plate Count)
  • Coliforms
  • E. coli
  • Enterobacteriaceae
  • Enterococcus
  • Lactobacillus organisms
  • Mold Count
  • Pseudomonas
  • Salmonella
  • Shigella
  • Staphylococcus
  • Streptococcus
  • Most of Gram positive and negative organisms
  • Environmental Swabs
  • Yeasts and molds


Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s most common severe infectious diseases. Approximately 2 million deaths per year are TB-related. A single patient with an active TB may infect 10 to 15 other people each year. In the fight to stop the spread of TB the most important milestone is early diagnosis. However, diagnosis of TB is a challenge. KYAMCH is pioneer in detecting TB from any kind of specimen. Moreover, we can simultaneously detect non-tuberculous mycobacterium (NTM). We already have detected TB from sputum, BAL, any aspirate, body fluids, CSF, urine, tissue, tissue block (paraffin block), pus and are accepting these specimens for test.

Equipments & Autoanalysers 

  • BD BACTEC FX40 Culture
  • Automated identification & Sensitivity analyzer BD Phonix M50
  • Biosafety Cabinet Class II typeA2

Staff professionals   

The laboratory staffs are highly skilled team of medical professionals, scientists, technologists and supportive staff.

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